Below are a range of pre-designed fishing packages that you can book off the shelf. But if you're after something different please ask as we can always create a bespoke package to suit the needs of your group.

All our packages include top of the line fishing rods, reels, and terminal tackle

Optional extras include fully catered trip with morning and afternoon tea and a hearty lunch for full day trips.

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A very special offer for you for the month of March!

You and up to 6 friends can do a Wednesday Sunset Snapper Trip for only $99 per person.

Depart Matiatia, Waiheke Island at 6pm
Return Matiatia, Waiheke Island at 10pm

Bookings to be made by 8pm Tuesday.

All packages include all top of the line fishing rods, reels, and terminal tackle provided as part of the price (on a pay if lost basis).

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Overnight Trips - Fishing or Sightseeing.

Experience the breathtaking beauty of the outer gulf islands.

Live aboard (maximum 4 people) or ashore (maximum 8 people). Additional accommodation costs will apply but we can help with organising and planning your itinerary so that all you have to do is turn up, relax and enjoy the experience of being in a different world.

For the hard core fisho's you'll be introduced to some of the best fishing spots in Australasia with the added bonus of dolphin, whale watching and getting up close and personal with all manner of sea life.

As a guide, the price is $1500 for the first day then $800 each day after that. Let us tailor your itinerary to meet your needs. Catering included courtesy of the ocean - bring you own junk food.

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Big Fish Trips - Hook the Biggest and the Best

Full day out wide

Departs Matiatia, Waiheke Island 4.00am
Returns Matiatia, Waiheke Island 8.00pm

Big day out targeting kingfish, snapper and hapuka at Cuvier, Great Barrier and Mokohinau Islands.

The ultimate fishing trip for those who want to hook the biggest and the best fish in the Hauraki Gulf.

Even if you're not experienced we can provide all the guidance and support you'll need to make your trip memorable.

8 pax $1500. Equipment supplied except jigging sets.

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Your Choice - Half or Full Day Fishing and Exploring The Inner Gulf

If "family commitments" means a green card for an overnight trip is just too much to ask for, we provide full on, full day or half day blowouts that will do the trick and still leave you with some credits!

Full day fishing
8 hours 8 pax $1200
Equipment included.
Channels, workups, inner gulf and the firth

Half day fishing
4 hours 8 pax $800
Equipment included.
Channels, The Noisies, Aahaas, Kauri Point

What are you waiting for?

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What to bring
Hydration - it's thirsty work out there so pack 2 litres.
Hat and suntan Lotion.
Comfortable shoes that don't mind getting wet.

For overnight trips: Sleeping bag or duvet, pillow, towel, clean clothes and fishing clothes and togs.

fisho's calendar
There are lots of Snapper in the channels around Waiheke with excellent opportunities to target schools of larger fish below the gannet and dolphin workups in the outer gulf and Firth of Thames. Kawhai and Kinshfish are abundant and often caught in workup fishing.
The snapper have generally spawned by now and are enthusiastic on the bite. Fishing channels and workups both effective much like January. Marlin are now reachable on overnight trips to the back of Great Barrier Island through Mercury Bay and the Aldermen's.
Larger Kingfish now hunt the inshore waters and can be picked up mechanical jigging, live baiting or surface fishing using poppers. Bigger snapper are now moving into the shallows and are great to fish in the evening. Workups out wide are still happening and it's an ideal time to target Striped and Blue Marlin in the blue waters East of Barrier and Coromandel.
Snapper fishing is still great under workups with the Brydes whale making regular appearances alongside the dolphins. Kingfish are moving out and are great fun on any pins in the outer gulf. Marlin can still be targeted on weekend trips to Barrier.
Hapuka move in to the outer gulf in greater numbers and can be targeted at slack tide when not hard out jigging for Kingfish on pins at Cuvier or the Mokohinau's. Expect to catch large Snapper on the deep water pins as well as we mix up the target species out wide.
Kingfish, Hapuka, Snapper are all still on the fishing menu out wide. This is a great time to get out and experience the outer islands of the gulf. Have the bay to yourself and enjoy excellent fishing and comfort in overnight trips to Great Barrier, Cuvier, Mokohinau or Mercury Islands.
Much the same as June. Shake off the winter blues get out wide and expience the bounty of the Hauraki Gulf.
The male snapper reenter the gulf in large numbers to put on condition for their spawning responsibilities in the coming months. Catch the first wave of large fish as they pour in through the Colville and Cradock Channels as they feed up large around the western coast of Great Barrier.
The Snapper are moving into the gulf again with the girls following the boys in. Expect to catch fish on the 40 meter mark in the gulf or the Firth of Thames.
Stray lining for big snapper in the shallows, early morning and evenings delivers great xos fish. This style of fishing gives you a great shot at a double figure fish weights. The horde advances on the inner gulf and open water fishing on the sand with ledgers delivers reliable catches.
Snapper moving into channels can be like shooting fish in barrels. Soft baiting comes into its own as we set up perfect drifts for you over prime fishing grounds. Let us show you how to get the best out of your soft bait sets with tips and tricks and a little local knowledge.
Snapper fishing is excellent everywhere in the channels, in the middle and back paddocks of the gulf. All styles of fishing work so let's tailor a fishing trip that meats the needs of your group. Don't forget to ask Santa for a new fishing kit so you can start the new year in the right frame of mind.

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