Scenic Trips

Innasea is the perfect vessel for cruising and sight seeing trips in the inner gulf or for a once in a lifetime circumnavigation of Waiheke Island. Many trips will provide you with close encounters with dolphins and whales with occasional orca sitings. And you are always guaranteed a vast array of sea life including gannet colonies, penguins, arctic turns and flocks of birds feeding on sholes of fish near the surface.

You can also choose to visit other islands and enjoy the privacy of one of the dozens of isolated sandy bays in the inner gulf.

We also offer transfers and water sports trips. Check out the details below.

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Scenic Cruises

Let us know how much time you have and we'll suggest suitable cruising options to make the most of your time.

Or tell us where you want to go and what you'd like to see and we'll make it happen!

Half day $800
Full day $1000 for the first 8 people
Then $100 for each additional person up to a maximum of 12.

Catering can be arranged and will be priced based on menu selection.

Call 021 975 572 or email us to enquire now
Surfers Trips to Great Barrier

Pick up in Auckland and 2.5 hours later you're dropped at the back of the set in uninterrupted easterly swell.

Conditions need to be right and short notice is given via email or SMS.

Register you interest for this as we send out the word when it will go off then it's first in first served.

$200 each minimum of 6, maximum of 8.

Overnight options available on enquiry.

Call 021 975 572 or email us to enquire now
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Gulf Island Transfers

Ferry your family, friends or group quickly, comfortably and affordably to any inner gulf destination - Rakino Island, Rangitoto Island, Waiheke Island, Motuihe Island, Motutapu Island, Coromandel, Gulf Harbour, Pine Harbor, Beach lands, Downtown Auckland.

With regular events now happening on the gulf islands, book in early and guarantee hassle free point to point ferrying.

Maximum 12 people.

Click to enquire
or call 021 975 572
Water Sports Trips

Dive & Spear Fishing
You know where you want to go, we will take you there. We also know a few choice spots in the inner and outer gulf too and happy to talk through the options.

8 maximum, 6 minimum. $200 each.

Kayak trips
We can carry 6 kayaks on the boat and drop you anywhere in the inner or outer gulf.

Overnighting at Great Barrier Island can make for a magic weekend.

6 maximum, $1200 per day

Pick-up from Auckland ports and marinas +$100 and any marina charges.

Click to enquire or call 021 975 572

We can tailor trips for you so talk to us about you ideal day. All trips have tea, coffee and water provided. We have a good size fridge and freezer so can keep your items cold or frozen.

fisho's calendar
There are lots of Snapper in the channels around Waiheke with excellent opportunities to target schools of larger fish below the gannet and dolphin workups in the outer gulf and Firth of Thames. Kawhai and Kingfish are abundant and often caught in workup fishing.
The snapper have generally spawned by now and are enthusiastic on the bite. Fishing channels and workups both effective much like January. Marlin are now reachable on overnight trips to the back of Great Barrier Island through Mercury Bay and the Aldermen's.
Larger Kingfish now hunt the inshore waters and can be picked up mechanical jigging, live baiting or surface fishing using poppers. Bigger snapper are now moving into the shallows and are great to fish in the evening. Workups out wide are still happening and it's an ideal time to target Striped and Blue Marlin in the blue waters East of Barrier and Coromandel.
Snapper fishing is still great under workups with the Brydes whale making regular appearances alongside the dolphins. Kingfish are moving out and are great fun on any pins in the outer gulf. Marlin can still be targeted on weekend trips to Barrier.
Hapuka move in to the outer gulf in greater numbers and can be targeted at slack tide when not hard out jigging for Kingfish on pins at Cuvier or the Mokohinau's. Expect to catch large Snapper on the deep water pins as we mix up the target species out wide.
Kingfish, Hapuka, Snapper are all still on the fishing menu out wide. This is a great time to get out and experience the outer islands of the gulf. Have the bay to yourself and enjoy excellent fishing and comfort in overnight trips to Great Barrier, Cuvier, Mokohinau or Mercury Islands.
Much the same as June. Shake off the winter blues get out wide and expience the bounty of the Hauraki Gulf.
The male snapper re-enter the gulf in large numbers to put on condition for their spawning responsibilities in the coming months. Catch the first wave of large fish as they pour in through the Colville and Cradock Channels as they feed up large around the western coast of Great Barrier.
The Snapper are moving into the gulf again with the girls following the boys in. Expect to catch fish on the 40 meter mark in the gulf or the Firth of Thames.
Stray lining for big snapper in the shallows, early morning and evenings delivers great xos fish. This style of fishing gives you a great shot at double figure fish weights. The horde advances on the inner gulf and open water fishing on the sand with ledgers delivers reliable catches.
Snapper moving into channels can be like shooting fish in barrels. Soft baiting comes into its own as we set up perfect drifts for you over prime fishing grounds. Let us show you how to get the best out of your soft bait sets with tips and tricks and a little local knowledge.
Snapper fishing is excellent everywhere in the channels, in the middle and back paddocks of the gulf. All styles of fishing work so let's tailor a fishing trip that meats the needs of your group. Don't forget to ask Santa for a new fishing kit so you can start the new year in the right frame of mind.

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